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Lightning Series graphics cards


MSI's Lightning graphics cards are the cream of the crop in graphics card world. According to HWBOT 75 to 90% of the overclockers use MSI's Lightning cards to set world records, making it the unanimous choice for anyone looking for the best performance.

Built to be perfect

In 2008, during MSI's Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) event, we asked the world's best overclockers what they thought the best overclocking graphics card consisted of. They came up with four basic principles:

  • High Quality Components
  • Ultra Performance
  • Easy overclocking interface
  • Better cooling

Twin Frozr

MSI's Twin Frozr has been the industry defining graphics card cooler. The first Twin Frozr kicked of the dual-fan trend and today MSI stays true to its Dual-fan Dual-slot design where others have to resort to, for instance triple-slot cooling. A Twin Frozr cooler uses large Propeller Blade fans, plenty of heatpipes with SuperPipe technology and a large aluminium fin grid array.


MSI Afterburner has quickly become the favorite overclocking software for media, overclockers and end-users. Because of its simple interface, it's easy to learn, but it packs a lot of powerful features like an integrated benchmark (Kombustor), built-in screen and video capturing tool (Predator) and multi-language and custom skin functions.

Triple overvoltage

MSI's Triple overvoltage feature allows you to adjust the voltage of your GPU, memory and the voltage for PCI Express communication. Giving you way more options to increase the performance of your graphics card.

Military Class Components

One of the deciding factors in performance is the quality of the components used. That is why MSI only uses MIL-STD-810G certified components for its Lightning cards because only these components have proven to be able to withstand the torturous circumstances of extreme overclocking.

Record Performance

MSI's Lightning series graphics card are dominating the top benchmarks for years in a row and there is no sign of stopping.Check for yourself which graphics card is the most popular with professional overclockers...

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