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Specials: NVIDIA® GeForce® Watch Dogs™ bundle

Watch Dogs™ on MSI GeForce GTX. The Way It's Meant To Be Played.
Take your flight to the streets with a whole new level of performance, ingenuity, and technology including exclusive NVIDIA® TXAA™ antialiasing for stunning graphics, HBAO+, and 4K Surround™ for the most immersive experience. Also, share your greatest Watch Dogs™ moments with GeForce Shadowplay™ and get one-click settings optimization and driver support with GeForce Experience™ technology.

Specials: Prepare 4 battle

Immerse yourself in the real-time warfare with Mantle-enabled BATTLEFIELD 4™.
Carve your path to victory with cutting edge graphics, peak performance and the superior gaming experience that AMD Radeon™ gives.
Buy a selected MSI AMD Radeon™ R9 series graphics card and get BATTLEFIELD 4™*

Specials: Gamers' choice PC

Are you a true gamer? Do you want to be able to play the latest PC game blockbusters of this year with high frame rates, mindblowing images and immersive surround sound audio? The MSI Gamers' Choice PC is the best weapon for you. Equipped with the MSI GAMING motherboards and MSI's top-notch graphics cards, the MSI Gamers' Choice PCs will truly lift your gaming spirits.